Book chapter

  1. Asier Perallos (Editor), Unai Hernandez-Jayo (Editor), Enrique Onieva (Editor), Ignacio Julio García-Zuazola (Editor), "Intelligent Transport Systems: Technologies and Applications, Chapter 3: Wireless Communications in Vehicular Environments, Pekka Eloranta and Timo Sukuvaara" John Wiley & Sons Ltd, November 2015, 368 pp.

Journal Articles

  1. Timo Sukuvaara, Kari Mäenpää and Riika Ylitalo,"Vehicular networking and road weather related research in Sodankylä", Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems, 5, 513-520, DOI, 2016. (Open Access)

Contributions at the IETF standardization

  1. Use Cases for Authentication and Authorization in Constrained Environments, I
  2. Authorization for the Internet of Things using OAuth 2.0, S
  3. An architecture for authorization in constrained environments, I
  4. Object Security of CoAP (OSCOAP), S
  5. Requirements for CoAP End-To-End Security, I
  6. Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman Over COSE (EDHOC) S
  7. Transporting access tokens in session resumption tickets S


    SICS implementations of standards proposals at IETF, presented in Bitbucket repositories
  1. oscoap_californium
  2. ace-java